Friday, February 24, 2006



This was a bad one for the Bush administration.

How bad?

I’m reminded of a scene from GHOSTBUSTERS when Harold Ramis warns not to let the streams cross when they fire the ghost fighting weapons. “Because,” he says “it will be bad.”

Bill Murray asks him to, “Define bad.”

Ramis: “Think of the end of civilization as we know it.”

Murray: “That’s bad.”

(Maybe my dialogue is a little off.)

OK. Maybe the deal is not that bad. But it is pretty terrible for the Bush administration.

It’s funny that some Washington insiders are trying to defend it. These are the same insiders that preach to us that “perception is reality.” They are right about that and the perception here is disastrous for Bush.

Are they losing their grip? Did anyone put any thought into this thing? We can laugh at the Democrat’s focus groups and basing decisions on results obtained from them, but they sure could have used a focus group on this thing

One survey showed that Americans opposed turning over the operations of multiple ports to an Arab firm by 64% to 17%. And Democrats are seen as stronger on national security that Republicans. Could it get any worse? See more *here*.

There is no chance that this deal will go through. But the damage to the Bush administration is irreparable.


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