Monday, February 06, 2006


It is difficult to get the lawmakers to discuss rationally crucial matters involving the national defense of the United States. It appears that partisan politics sometime interfere. Some matters are so serious that the country should not, and probably could not, act on them without the approval of both parties. I offer this solution:

Call a caucus of senate Republicans. Have it open to the press and invite TV coverage. Let the president outline the problem and some possible courses of action. Then let the debate begin with a time limit for each speaker. Then there would be an advisory vote on a course of action.

Then ask the Democrats to caucus with the president making the same presentation and asking them for their advice. He must make the point that he and the country need their support because it is impossible to proceed with one political party opposing every action. Then the Democrats can take an advisory vote on a course of action.

When you are in the right your best weapons are honesty and openness.

When you are in the wrong the worst thing that can happen to you is exposure.

Who could argue with that?


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