Wednesday, February 15, 2006



I was surprised that Valentines’ Day is a big deal here in Thailand. It’s a bigger deal than I remember it being back in San Francisco when I was growing up. And then I read that it’s catching on even in China. Read about it *here* and *here*.

Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling? Love is in the air all over the world.

Not so fast White Man.

Look at this:

Muslims in many parts of the world have come out against Valentines’ Day.

…Muslim women burnt Valentine's Day cards in Srinagar to protest against what they say irreligious celebrations in the wake of the cartoon row.

“We want to appeal to our children that you stay away from this western culture. They have made our caricature of our Prophet and now we are celebrating this Valentine Day. It's a blot on our culture,” Chief of Dukhtaran-E-Milat, Asiya Indrabi said.

Read the article *here*. There’s more *here* and *here*.

What a surprise. They ought to get together and call themselves Muslims Against Any Day. Then they could use the acronym MAAD. (That’s taken you clown.) (Oh, I didn’t know that.)

What they are protesting is anything from the west. They have been carefully taught to hate us from infanthood. Unfortunately many of their religious leaders have worked hard to keep them ignorant. Many of their schools teach nothing but religion. Religious beliefs are always the strongest among the ignorant.

I will write it again: The Muslim religion must reform itself. My most optimistic estimate for this to work out is 100 years.

I would reprint the Muhammad cartoons but I am afraid. Not for myself but for my children. I am afraid that devout Muslims might come to my house and kill my children in the name of their religion. That is how many in the world view their religion in the world today. They should be proud.


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