Saturday, February 04, 2006


Superbowl Sunday is finally here. Actually it’s on at 6:30 Monday morning here in Bangkok. When did this football season start? Seems like years ago. When did the baseball season end? Seems like decades ago.

Looks like a good match up. Seattle looks like a winner on paper. But watching Pittsburgh in their last three games, they look like a sure winner on the field. Would I give the 4 ½ points? That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t bet either way because I don’t see an edge there. If it’s just for fun, sure, I’d give it, as long as it doesn’t involve real money.

But the big news is that the first spring training game is less than 4 weeks away.

I see that the Cincinnati Reds just signed their star shortstop, Felipe Lopez. My question was: Who the hell is Felipe Lopez? So I looked him up. Turns out he was a star. For a shortstop he turned in a superstar season. I am hopelessly out of touch.

30 teams are too many to follow. When there were 16 teams, I could name you the regulars and much of the bench of every team. Being a sports and math nerd, baseball was a perfect fit for me. Then I started going overseas and the baseball map started changing.

While living in a tent in northwest Iran, imagine my surprise when I learned that the Giants had moved to my hometown, San Francisco. That literally was unbelievable for a while.

I came home from one of my tours in Viet Nam to discover the Houston team was doing well with a bunch of “unknowns.” That cheapened the game for me when “unknowns” such as Joe Morgan were beating established teams.

I was out of touch then and I’m out of touch now.

30 teams are too many to follow.


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