Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Here’s a tip for tourists:

There’s snake farm prominently shown on most maps of Bangkok.

Forget about it. I thought it would be fun to take everyone there one weekend. One of the problems with that is that snake farm is closed on weekends. Seems it is adjacent to a hospital and the weekend crush didn’t please the people who run the hospital.

So I went there alone on a weekday.

The subway runs alongside it but the snake farm is almost precisely between stations necessitating a long walk or a short taxi ride after detraining. Better to forget the subway and take a taxi directly there.

The farm itself is pretty bleak. There were a few cages and pits containing critters. There was a very learned lecture and presentation of various snakes.

It was informative.

It was scholarly.

It was like being in school again.


And the single tiny refreshment stand had no beer!

No only that, I got a contemptuous look after asking for one.


Obviously that was not my kind of place.

But take heart snake and beer fans, and even those of you who couldn’t care less.

There is a snake farm in Bangkok not shown on any map that is well worth seeing. I couldn’t tell you where it is but I can tell you precisely how to get there and getting there is half the fun.

Go to the southern end of the Sky Train (BTS). This is called the Saphen Taksin station or S6. This will put you at the Sathorn Pier on the Chao Phraya River which is the main river flowing through the city.

From here you can take a water taxi that will take you to a snake farm much superior to the one described above. Several signs advertising these taxis are on display at the pier.

At this snake farm there is also a lecture and demonstration but with a lot of scary showmanship. Our kids were entranced. There were many more pits and cages. Our 8-year-old was allowed to play with a little monkey. That was memorable.

There were extensive gift shops with reasonable prices. Most important, there were plenty of refreshments including beer.

Who could ask for anything more?

But there was more.

The water taxi stopped at a couple of places where masses of fish were thrashing about while feeding on bread crumbs thrown to them.

We also pulled over for a floating vendor from whom we bought ice cream for all including the water taxi driver.

The whole thing was 4 or 5 hours well spent.


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