Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I went to see Jackie Mason in Las Vegas. He had always been a big favorite of mine. He had been doing a one-man-show on Broadway and was just opening in Vegas. He was a big star in New York. But the theatre in Vegas was only half full for the show I went to.

That surprised me.

Jackie Mason came out and looked over the audience. Then he started chewing me out. No, not just me, the whole audience.


Because there wasn’t more of us.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird but it is absolutely true. He chewed out the people who showed up because he didn’t have a full house.

He then went through the motions and gave us a short show. At the end he gave us that Jewish kiss-off motion, something like blowing a kiss in other cultures, and walked off.

What a schmuck!

I think of that when I consider this blog. After over a year of work I get perhaps 10 visitors on a good day. Wouldn’t it be a little silly for me to chew out those ten visitors? So I decided not to do it.

So should I give it up?

I thought about it. Then I said ‘screw it.’ I’ll just keep doing it. Maybe this blog will walk into a soda fountain in Hollywood and be discovered.


Blogger Das said...

It's hard to say what makes a blog popular or no; I'd like to see your blog get more famous because I think your posts are great - way way above the average out there, original, funny, etc.

I'm surprised by your Jackie Mason tale; he always seemed like such a pro. And most performers I've ever met are really glad if even only 10 people show up. His reaction was strange and unprofessional. some in the audience could have come from far away to see him. Oh well. Keep going.

February 18, 2006 at 3:41 PM  

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