Tuesday, January 31, 2006


In my December 10 post I opined why T-Rex had such short arms. It was based on no research whatsoever. I have a severe learning disability: A very low threshhold of boredom. Any attempt at research on my part results in a wandering mind and an irrisistable urge to be elsewhere. Hence, my life.

So everything I wrote their is based on looking at pictures and thinking about them. So much for science.

I’ve been challenged on my three things (food, sex, weaponry) that will improve successful evolution. Some say I should add intelligence and camouflage.

Camouflage is obviously a sub-category of weaponry.

Intelligence is a sub-category of all three.

It’s interesting that the only species in the history of the world to evolve beyond what was adequate thought process is man. Other species stopped evolving when their thought process became adequate to their survival. At least that seems to be what the evidence shows.


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