Monday, September 26, 2005


We get a lot of American TV shows on our Bangkok cable. There are 6 channels that run American movies or TV. Three channels show movies exclusively. The other three air TV shows to varying extents. These shows are all in English with Thai subtitles.

Some shows have been cancelled in the US before they start over here. The Jason Alexander show comes to mind. Some episodes of Drew Carey I’ve seen three or four times since I’ve been here.

There are four sports channels. We get four NFL games a week. Two are announced in Thai and two In English. Usually there are only 2 or 3 baseball games a week. These are announced in English. Just for contrast, on one day there were 12 soccer matches telecast.

Some months ago, Law and Order: Criminal Intent started airing over here. This show has one of the most erratic actors I’ve ever seen. His name is Vincent D’Onofrio and he’s the male lead.

His acting threw me off the first time I saw the show.

“What is this guy doing?” I wondered. He seemed so weird that it distracted me from everything else on the show.

I did not enjoy it.

The next time I watched, my attitude changed completely. Screw the show, this guy is funny. I started watching for his spastic moves. They can come anywhere. In the middle of the sidewalk, he’ll suddenly turn and confront someone.

Sometimes, during an interrogation, he’ll lean back in his chair and glower at the prisoner. He’s trying to decide whose head to drive through the wall, his own or the prisoner’s. He springs forward. I think he’s going for a head-butt. No. He stops a hilarious 3 inches from the prisoner’s face and shouts at him.

Now that’s funny!

I love that show.

Of course I watch D’Onofrio so closely I have no idea what the story line is, but that’s okay.

Here’s a great idea for their final show: D’Onofrio goes into his glowering at the prisoner during interrogation routine. Then he turns around, drops his pants, and gives the prisoner a full-bare-ass-moon.

That would be perfectly in character.

And the best part is, it will almost certainly make the prisoner confess.

It would make me confess, whether I was guilty or not. Anyone would confess.

That would be great television. People would talk about it for years.

What a way to go out.


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