Saturday, September 17, 2005


I can improve your golf game. I guarantee it! Whether you’re a duffer or a top professional, I can improve your game.

Am I a good golfer?

Hell no.

I consider myself a two handicap. That means I give myself two strokes on every hole.

I once parred 7 holes in a row. That was the highlight on my golf career. But it was on a short course.

In my defense, I didn’t take up the game until my mid-fifties.

So if I’m so bad, how can I improve your game?

Because although I was lousy from the tee and on the fairways, I was excellent on the greens.

I have made many putts of forty feet or more. I have a 10% chance of making a putt from that distance.

The most important thing in putting and the thing I guarantee will improve your game is: NEVER LEAVE A PUTT SHORT.

I had a 10% chance of making a putt from 40 feet, if I reached the hole. If my ball didn’t reach the hole, the percentage went down to zero.

When I watch professionals, even the top players, it surprises me how many times they will leave a putt short.

How to avoid that?

Always try to putt the ball three feet beyond the hole. If your distance is right and you miss the putt, you’ve got an easily makeable putt coming back. Even if you have to 2-putt coming back, you’ll profit in the long run by making some putts that you would have left short.

Give it a try.


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