Thursday, September 22, 2005


Conservatives are protesting that the country is being inundated with hidden political messages on TV.

Here’s an example thanks to Drudge.

I guess the problem is there are ads for a coming show about a woman president, except it doesn’t show Geena Davis, who is supposed to star in the show the ad is promoting.

Gee! That’s subtle. I wonder what it means. I am so removed, here in Bangkok, I can’t tell. All I know is what I see on the local cable.

So I surmise that the shows I see here are clever counter-programming for the lady president show.

Let’s see. Will & Grace. The guy is gay. Would the republicans put up a gay guy against a woman? I think not. Even that phrasing would offend them.

2 &1/2 men.

Who, in their right minds, would ever vote for a womanizer to be president?

Right. No one.

All that’s left, on my cable, are a bunch of fat guys on sit-coms. Have you ever seen so many fat guys in your whole life?

Wait a minute.

That’s it!

I see it all now!

It’s a Carl Rove plot.

He’s trying to program us to accept a fat guy as normal.

No, no, no. Not just normal. Someone to approve of. Someone to emulate. Someone better than us.

Holy cow!

He’s going to run a fat guy for president.


You heard it here first.

It’s going to be a woman against a fat guy in 2008!

I’m gonna’ go lie down now.


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