Thursday, September 15, 2005


It’s been pouring here, ending, they say, a drought of several years duration. That’s good. I’ve written elsewhere (Rain and Me) how much I like rain and detest droughts.

It finally stopped and I got into our spa to write this. I used to write alongside the pool at the Grand Hotel. Since we got our spa I haven’t been back. Now I sit in our little, bubbling spa (it’s 6’ X 12’) and create while the water warms up.

September is our wettest month which makes it the coolest. Cool here in Bangkok is relative. The coolest I’ve noticed was an overnight low last December of 69. We had a high the other day that only reached 89. Brrr.

When I got into the spa I noticed the water level has risen about 3 inches. We have a metal awning over our patio which evidently leaks a lot more than I thought. We also have a plastic cover over the spa to prevent insect suicides but that must leak a bunch.

The weather here allows spa use the year round. The only firm rule is: No bathing during thunder storms.


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