Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As I write this, CNN is doing a series on North Korea. I find it interesting. In one segment they have filmed roads that are totally devoid of vehicles of any kind. I found that surprising. I’ve been in many poor countries but completely empty roads are uncommon.

Then I remembered, this is CNN. They seem to be unable to do an honest report. They have an agenda for almost everything. First they decide what conclusion they’re looking for, and then they go out and find the evidence to support that conclusion.

It’s like a 30’s movie.

“Charlie, go out and get me some pictures of empty roads. We want to show the North Koreans have no vehicles.”

“Right away, Chief.”

I’m not saying that’s what happened, but any CNN report should raise suspicions.

Why were the empty roads they photographed out in the country? There were no houses in sight along their empty roads.

I would guess it’s because where there were houses, there were vehicles. That would have harmed the simplistic propaganda point they were trying to make which is, North Korea is so poor there are no vehicles.

The fun in watching a CNN report is working backward from the finished product to deduce what their motives were.

They are unable to do a straight report.

How embarrassing it must be for a real reporter to work for such an outfit. That is, if there are any real reporters working there.

Has there ever been such a shabby, suspect, news organization?


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