Monday, September 05, 2005


They could have had the presidency in 2000 if they had played it smart.

Bill Clinton, from 1992 on, did nothing but win. He won three straight; two presidential elections and one impeachment.

On the other hand, his party, on balance, lost every election while he was president and most elections after he left.

In 1992 the Democrats had both houses of congress and a majority of governorships.

When Bill Clinton left office in 2000, they had lost their majority in all three and then went on to lose two presidential elections. That pretty much made it a clean sweep for the Republicans.

They could have turned it all around.


Without arguing the merits of the case, if the Democrats had voted for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Al Gore would have almost certainly won the 2000 election. Being the incumbent president would surely have swung that tight election his way.

That may seem rather Machiavellian but, never the less, it is true. I thought at the time that the Republicans were shooting themselves in the foot when they impeached Clinton.

Had they won, they would have lost the next election.


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