Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I apologize for the spotty record of postings. The increase in our family has been distracting.

We took the three kids to the dentist yesterday. It’s the first time in their lives. All three had to have a tooth pulled. That depressed me. For Little Orphan Kin it was only a baby tooth. We have to enforce some dental hygiene.

The girls love to take a dip in our spa after school. I use it about midday. But I also shower. The girls are arguing their dip is as good as a shower. We will compromise.

I gave up eating eggs here. They were making me ill periodically. They do not refrigerate eggs here in Bangkok. I have seen them stored out in the sun. Almost all the eggs have brown shells which absorb even more heat. I guess Thais have built up immunity to salmonella or whatever it is that comes with the hot eggs. It was too much for me.

Then I made a discovery in our local 7-11. They have chilled pizza slices and a variety of frozen dinners. The pizza slices are fifty cents and the dinners a little over a dollar. Two slices or one dinner are pretty filling for me. The pizza is just OK when condiments are added. The dinners are good, better than in some restaurants.

Dow and I weighed in at a doctor’s office Monday. I am under 160 pounds and she is under 110. I say under because that’s what we weighed with all our clothes on. All the walking is doing me some good. The Jungle Princess eats like a lumberjack. How does she keep her weight down so low?

The first time I walked the girls home from school, I waited for them across the lane from the gate. Many children exited before they appeared. As they went out, the kids put their palms together on their chests and bowed their heads toward me. Almost all of them did this. To be polite, I did the same gesture in return to each child. Then I realized I was standing in front of a statue of Buddha.


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