Friday, February 04, 2005


I think the FCC has broken some laws. Probably the RICO anti-racketeering law among others.
Here is their M. O.:

They levied fines against a large communications corporation. The fines amounted to millions of dollars. That’s all right so far. Congress has given them that power.

The corporation didn’t think the fines were deserved and wanted to have a day in court. That is the American way. No commission is above the law and such things can be appealed through the courts.

But here is where the FCC broke the law. They refused to go to court and instead held up broadcast license renewals and refused to grant new licenses to the corporation.

This was a growing corporation and the FCC stranglehold on their licenses threatened to cripple their business. The FCC blatantly ransomed the licenses to an American business. Their behavior was disgraceful and some, if not all, of those commissioners should go to jail. They are no better than the mafia.


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