Monday, January 31, 2005


I enjoy this game but it got too easy. Even when taking only one of the warring countries, any one, it became no challenge. So I made a radical change in the rules. Try this:

You control all three allies.

Object is for the British to collect territories totaling 87 IPC. (That means all available territories that have IPCs.)

Here are some handicaps:

The Russians can buy no units.

No rocket attacks against Germany throughout the game.

No strategic bombing of Germany throughout the game

No attack on Germany or German held territory while Russia is in the game.

No strategic bombing of Japan while Russia is in the game.

Britain or the US cannot recapture Russian territory while Russia is in the game.

The US must buy 6 chances on weapon development at the start. For every weapon they develop, they buy one less chance the next turn. e.g. If they have developed 4 weapons they must buy two chances (and only two), and so on until they have all six.

The US can purchase no units, except for self defense, until they have Industrial Technology.

The US can take no offensive action until they have Industrial Technology.

Here are the settings:

Victory Conditions: World Domination

Rules/Variations: Activate the following only:

E. W. Canada


Aerial retreat

Axis Advantage

USSR Restricted

Two Hit battleship

Unit Edit: Change the following:

Fighter to 11

Transport to 7

Submarine to 2

And that’s it. When Russia falls it will look completely hopeless. The Axis will lead in IPC about 96 to 51 and will have masses of troops and planes. It’s a challenge to recover. But, in reality, the allies can’t lose.

If you want tips you can email me I will respond.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that this variation is playing against the computer.

When this gets too easy, reverse the British and Americans with the Americans having to reach 93 IPC in value of territories to win. (Again, that will include all the Axis territories with value.)


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