Saturday, November 12, 2005


Writer’s block is when you approach a blank piece of paper like a gay guy approaching a woman. It’s the last thing in the world you want to have anything to do with.

Of course it’s real. It’s silly to argue it’s not.

There are three causes:

1. You are bored with the subject.

2. You are tired.

3. You are not a writer.
4. You are gay

Here are four solutions:

1. Have at least two writing projects going at once. More than two would be better. I compare it to playing video games. After a couple of hours a game gets boring, but the one you played yesterday for a couple of hours might be fun today, even though you got bored with it yesterday. (I have a lot of idle, fun time.) You might be surprised how getting away to a different project might rejuvenate you when you get back. Project one will never quite leave your head. You might get back with your batteries totally recharged.

2. Rest. If you’re at home, take a nap or give it up for the day. If you’re at work, even a ten minute break will be beneficial. If you’re young, rejuvenation comes quickly. For an old guy like me, it sometimes takes a day or two.

3. If you’re not a writer, find a different line of work. There’s a hell of a lot of better ways to make a living.

4. On cause 4, I was just messin’ with ya’. I was seeing if you’d get down this far. I have to keep up my reputation as the anti-PC blog.

Below is one of my solutions to writer’s block. It is the first chapter of a novel. If I live long enough I will post the whole, damn, unreadable, thing on this blog.


Cause I feel like it.


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