Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The show is no limit poker.

1. Tentative titles: No-Star Poker; 8 For the Money; Last Man Standing.

2. Premise: 8 people play no-limit poker, winner take all.

3. The people: All with personality. At least 2 women. Must know how to play poker. Should need the money. Hungry stand-up comics would be excellent. Focus should be on the game, but give and take at the table will be interesting.

4. The set up: 8 players and a professional dealer sit around the table. A pit boss (referee) is there. His decision on disputes is final. Need an overhead camera and at least two hand-held, roaming. Need an expert commentator in an isolated booth.

5. The money: Each player is given an equal amount in chips, assume $10.000. The winner gets $80,000. First eliminated gets $1,000, next $2,000 and so on until runner-up gets $7,000.

6. The games: The games are limited to Texas hold ‘em, 5 card stud, 7 card stud, and 5 card draw. In the beginning only the first two are allowed. With 7 players, 7 card stud is okay; with 6, any of those games is allowed. Never any jokers or wild cards.

7. Eliminations: First player eliminated goes into the isolated booth with the commentator to comment on his play and kibitz on the continuing play. Each does the same in turn, when eliminated, but if one is particularly good, he should stay.

8. The play: It’s dealer’s choice within the limits of paragraph 6. The deal rotates clockwise around the table but the professional dealer will deal for all.

The ante for each hand must be considerable in order to move the game along. In this example a reasonable amount would be $200 each to make a $1600 in the first hand at the beginning of play. This ante will be increased as players drop out and the survivors get richer. Perhaps a thousand dollar ante when only two are left.

When the ante puts a player all in then everyone matches that player’s ante and there is no more betting that hand. They play show-down for it all.

A player may go all in at any time. If he is called and loses, he is out.

If player one has more chips than player two, one can bet the amount of player two’s chips and put two all in if two chooses to call.

Any number of players can call a player who goes all in, but when a player goes all in and is called, there is no more betting.

9. The show: The roving cameras shoot everyone’s hole card which goes closed circuit to the isolated booth. After the opening deals, only the hands of the betters need be shown. The hands in play and the size of the pot can be shown on the side of the screen.

10. Summation: Drama, humor, riches, sudden death (sort of), brilliance, stupidity, this show has everything.

The one game can be stretched to 6 or more hour shows with editing and profiling participants. The actual card game could go 8 hours or longer but much would not be of interest .

Almost every network could have an interest in airing this sort of series.

Unknown comics would get national exposure. It’s a win, win situation.

The game can be done over and over unless freaks and misfits are put into the mix. Similarly, rich players playing to benefit charities would distract from the drama.

The focus must be kept on the game.


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