Saturday, November 12, 2005


And now there is news of a police slow-down in France. You can connect *here*. Seems some politicians over there were speaking more highly of the rioting rabble than of the “noble” police trying to quell them.

Just another piece of evidence that you can’t please everyone.

*Roger Simon* brings up an interesting point about how much auto insurance will have to go up in France. That’s pretty obvious but I hadn’t thought of it.

Muslims have marked their cars so they will be spared. The reports were that it worked at first. It was reported that only “white,” meaning non-Muslim cars were being torched. But now it is not working as well.

Here’s my take:

I had kind of a rowdy youth, more to fit in than for anything else. If I and my associates (all being non-Muslims) had heard that Muslims were going around burning all cars except for those marked as belonging to Muslims, we would be out in a flash burning those Muslim cars. In a flash. That’s a no-brainer. And who would get blamed for it?

The Muslims are foolish to screw up France now. They are making problems that they will have to deal with in the future because France will eventually be all theirs. It is theirs for the taking.


Through the wombs of their women.

All those Muslim men have to do is live off French welfare and keep their women pregnant and France will be theirs.

It is inevitable.


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