Sunday, November 06, 2005


AFP, the French newswire service, mentions that Muslims are involved in their riots for perhaps the first time. But the account is very sympathetic. Here is a brief excerpt from an interview from one of the participants:

"Look around you -- there is nothing here. Nothing. We live four to a room. Our parents go to work every day like zombies. But we have nothing. Even the jobs that there are round here go to people from elsewhere. This parking lot is like our living room. It is the only place we can go," he says.

The surroundings are indeed grim. The estate consists of a series of long low-rise buildings made of the cheapest 1970s materials and painted in an unsavoury off-white. Patches of scrubby grass are covered in rubbish and upturned wheely-bins.

"The police know us all by name. But when they come here they still beat down the door and order our parents to lie on the ground. And when they ask where we are from, we answer from here of course, but they say: 'No you're not. You're from Africa,'" says Abdelkarim.
*Here* is the entire article.

They go to work every day like zombies? Then I guess they don’t get paid. What use does a zombie have for money?

I’ll bet that clown is living off those working zombies, eating their zombie food and sleeping in the zombie bed that they provide.

Maybe if he went to work and contributed something, everyone could live better.

The big surprise to me in the riots is that there are no deaths reported. I should emphasize ‘reported.’ If those riots were in the US, even if only celebrating a sports win, there would be deaths, many deaths. If the reports are true, all I can say is (as “The Greek” said to The Godfather): Salud!

One awful man has said, “The riots would be over in a minute if the French knew who to surrender to.”

I think that’s a terrible thing to say and is totally unconstructive and is wrong and I apologize.

One important thing to consider is, as bad as the French reputation is on the battlefield, they have been formidable in handling prisoners. Apparently getting their opponents disarmed, helpless and in a jail cell turns French pussies into tigers.

I would not want to be one of those arrested in the rioting.


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