Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I walked a little girl to school today. Then I went back when school was out and walked her back. It’s over a mile, round trip. When I get back I’m bathed in sweat. These are the cool months here in Bangkok. July and August are monsoon months so it’s usually cloudy. I’m just not used to exercise so it’s good for me.

I walked a little girl to school today.

But it wasn’t my little girl.

They told me my little 7-year-old, Kin, had to go back to her province for two months to complete her school semester there. It didn’t make sense to me. Still doesn’t. Why couldn’t she transfer to the school here? That wasn’t explained to my satisfaction.

Anyway she’s gone.

I hope for only two months.

I was pretty angry.

I think to mollify me, a 12-year-old niece of Dow has moved in and is now living with us. Her name is Fie. She’s the one I walked to school.

Fie is an ultra nice girl. She had visited us often. She is quiet, polite, demure and obedient. She helps out around the house and is eager to please.

Kin is undisciplined, disobedient, overly energetic and an all-round pain in the ass. She is also the sweetest, most loving child you could imagine. Of course we bonded immediately.

I’m told, when Kin returns, her 12-year-old sister will also come here to live. That’s great. We have plenty of room.

But I miss Kin now.


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