Monday, August 08, 2005


If you want liquor, you go to a liquor store. If you want paint, you go to a paint store. So if you want news do you go to a news organization? It depends. On what? It depends on if they feel like reporting it. There’s a lot of stuff they know about, important stuff, but they just don’t feel like reporting it. (But isn’t that their job?) (Yeah. So?)

Remember back in the old days, in the movies, when all the newsmen wanted was a scoop? The most important thing, back then, was to get the news first and report it first. They were newsmen. Reporters nowadays will laugh at such naiveté. They have made life far more complex today. Major American news organizations today will only report what they want you to know. All news is carefully censored before being passed on. (But won’t that hurt their circulation and ratings? Won’t people look elsewhere for the news?) (Yeah. So?)

Remember when Newsweek had the scoop of the year? They had the lowdown on Monica’s blue dress. They wouldn’t report it. Drudge reported it. That one story made his reputation and fortune. Today Drudge is a go-to guy on the internet. Newsweek became a laughing stock and is now skipping entire publications. (But they held to their principles, didn’t they?) (Yeah. Right.)

Remember a few months ago when Eason Jordan, the head of CNN News, made ridiculous accusations against the American military in Iraq? The NY Times wouldn’t report it for 9 days. Millions of people knew about it, but not the readers of the NY Times and many other news organizations. When the NY Times did report it, after 9 days of silence, it was because Eason Jordan had resigned. Imagine the surprise of readers of the Times. They wouldn’t have known there was a problem. (It was reported on a ‘need to know’ basis.) (Yeah. Right.)

Now there is another unreported scandal. It looks like Air America is involved in stealing nearly a million dollars meant for starving children. Air America is a thriving radio network featuring the political comments of such as Al Franken and Jeananne Garafolo. Some say the stolen money went to pay their salaries. (Could that be true?) (No way, Jose. Those are upstanding people. They’d never take money from starving children.)

It has been 14 days since this scandal broke. Millions of people know about it but, according to el Capitan, no one who depends on the NY Times, LA Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, or any other leftish news outlet. There has been no mention of it in any of those news organizations. Perhaps they haven’t heard. If anyone out there knows a reporter from any of those organizations you’d be doing them a favor by sending them an email. The first one who breaks the story would be scooping others. Right? (Yeah. But not the rest of the country.) (Yeah. So?)

Despite the Times not reporting it, New York’s Attorney General found out about it some way or another. According to the New York Post, again by way of el Capitain, Eliot Spitzer has started a probe:

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer yesterday opened an investigation into the Bronx social-services agency that made $875,000 in bizarre loans to Air America radio, The Post has learned.

This is reported all across the country. The dream of a small town newspaper scooping The NY Times has been realized over and over. Congratulations are in order.

The bottom line is, if you want to find out the news, there is a large segment of the news industry that should be ignored.


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