Monday, July 18, 2005


There is a large segment of America which has come down solidly against evil. They spend every day figuring out how to defeat this evil, an evil that they sincerely believe
is the worst thing alive in the world today.

What is this terrible evil?

That evil is George Bush.

Not al Qaeda, George Bush.

Given the choice between defeating al Qaeda or George Bush, they would not hesitate a moment before choosing George Bush. They would deny it, but it’s true. Their hate knows no bounds. It has reached the level of mass insanity.

To give these people their due, were it not for President Bush, they would be all for the war on terrorism. But with George Bush in charge, a defeat against terrorists would be a victory for George Bush. Thus they see a defeat against terrorists as a defeat for them. In effect, they have become spiritually allied with the terrorists.

The recent claim by Dick Cheney that the resistance in Iraq was “in its last throes,” brought the opposition out in strength. The phrase that haunts their nightmares is coming closer and closer to reality. That phrase, “What if Bush is right,” spells doom to all their hopes and aspirations. As a result, they have launched a massive propaganda campaign which tries to imply that there can be no victory in Iraq. This is in the vain hope that if they say it often enough, it will turn out to be true. It may have occurred to them that by downgrading the American achievements, they are giving aid and comfort to the terrorists. But, in their minds, the end justifies any means. The end here being the defeat of Bush resulting, eventually, in a victory for them which would result, of course, in a much better America with them in charge.

So you see, it might all seem duplicitous, some might even say traitorous, now, but it is to eventually do ‘good’. ‘Doing good’ is always their ultimate aim, no matter what it takes to achieve it.

The situation these ‘Opponents of Victory’ find themselves in reminds me of the Alec Guiness character, Colonel Nicholson, in the movie Bridge on the River Kwai. He becomes so dedicated to building the bridge for the Japanese that he has been warned by a junior officer:

The fact is, what we're doing could be construed as, forgive me sir, collaboration with the enemy. Perhaps even as treasonable activity...Must we work so well. Must we build them a better bridge than they could have built for themselves?

But Nicholson has gone insane. He sees the edifice he is building as the triumph of and monument to his life. That he is greatly aiding the enemy he dismisses from his mind as secondary to what he is achieving.

It is only after causing the deaths of the raiders who have come to blow the bridge that he comes to his senses with his last breath:

“What have I done?” he gasps.

These ‘Opponents of Victory’ have built their own edifice. It is the ‘legend’ of the dumb Bush, the lying Bush, the divisive Bush, and so on. You can fill in your own adjectives. If it’s negative, chances are they have used it. In building this edifice they have spent far more money and manpower than any simple bridge could have used up. And that they have cost the lives of American fighting men by giving encouragement to the enemy they will deny. They are just as insane as Guiness/Nicholson was in the movie.

The tragedy is greater for me because these are my people who are doing this. I have always been a liberal at heart. Those people moved far, far away from me. I am reminded of an old Mort Sahl line, I paraphrase. “Anyone who maintains a consistent foreign policy will sooner or later become a traitor to his country.”

Today it becomes, “Any liberal who remains constant in his beliefs will, sooner or later, become diametrically opposed to his party.”

I am reminded of the American Communist Party which was staunchly anti-Nazi from 1933 to 1939. When the Hitler-Stalin friendship was signed in August, 1939, the attitude towards the Nazis changed completely. Then when Hitler invaded Russia in June, 1941, there was another 180 degree turn in the policy

Today we see similar en masse flip-flopping in the liberal leadership depending entirely on who is President of the United States. So where does that leave people like me? People who put their country ahead of partisan politics? Do they expect me to join them in hoping that America is defeated somewhere in the world so they can hold that against George Bush? They are insane.

I am no fan of President Bush. I equate that religious ‘born again’ crap with financial bankruptcy. It’s no coincidence that many of the people who use one also use the other. There’s a 7-year time limit before you can file your next financial bankruptcy. Is there a time limit on filing moral bankruptcy? Can you be ‘born again’ in another 7 years? Ten years? Once worked out okay for me.

I suspect someone who truly believes he talks to God. It’s a small step for him to also believe that God talks to him.

I suspect a party that has people with addictive personalities as their leading spokespersons. I’m not just talking about gambling and drug addiction. Anyone who reaches 100 pounds overweight is obviously a food addict. When someone has two addictions they have an addictive personality by definition. Not a day goes by that I do not consume a fair amount of alcohol. Some might call that an addiction. But it is an addiction that I control. My ex-wife has testified (in counseling) that she never saw me drunk in 15 years of marriage. When someone reaches 100 pounds overweight, he has an addiction he cannot control.

I suspect a party that thinks handing over money to religious leaders to pass on to the needy is a good idea. That’s like handing over the chickens to the foxes. I know they’re not all crooked but how many religious leaders are just out and out con men? How many are extremely rich? Where did they get those riches? They took them from church donations that’s where. That’s not stealing?

Sure, you can name some honest, devout preachers. Billy Graham you say? I’d like to see the inside of his closet. I wonder how many thousand-dollar suits are in there. Billy Graham has as much chance of getting into his own heaven as a camel has of passing through the eye of a needle.

So, again, where does that leave people like me? The right becomes more and more repressive every day. That is their natural instinct. The left is traitorous.

Where does that leave people like me?


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