Monday, August 08, 2005


Lt. General McCaffrey was no fan of the war in Iraq. He recently completed a fact finding mission there. If you’d like to find out what’s going on there, read his report here. Where has this guy been (besides being drug czar)?

My only question is: Why the hell isn’t he still there? He’s just what we need over there. He’s an independent guy who will tell it like it is. Get him the hell back over there.

One of the biggest problems we have had in Iraq is getting the word out about what is going on. A lot of that is not the fault of the news media, although a lot of it is. Reporters cannot move around to get at their stories. Also, they are not trusted by the military because they thrive on the negative. A guy like
McCaffrey can solve all that and, at the same time, do a major payback to the media.

Here’s what our government should do: Send McCaffrey back with a staff including some computer experts. Set up an internet site from Baghdad with daily news and interviews.

In his report he writes:

2nd - Our unbelievably competent, articulate, objective, and courageous Battalion, Brigade, and Division Commanders are not on TV. These commanders represent an Army-Marine Corps which is rated as the most trusted institution in America by every poll

4th - Military leaders on the ground are talking to people they trust instead of talking to all reporters who command the attention of the American people. (We need to educate and support AP, Reuters, Gannet, Hearst, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc.)

I say, screw AP, Reuters, etc. Bypass them all. Put the interviews and the news on the internet. It’s the American people and the world that we need to educate. The news media will only twist everything around anyway. Skip the middle man.

McCaffrey is the man. He has the connections and the respect to pull this off. And it sounds as if he knows what needs to be done.

Please, please, put this guy to work!


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