Tuesday, July 05, 2005


This from yahoo:

Estonians snatch world wife-carrying title again

Sat Jul 2, 1:43 PM ET

Estonia reigned supreme once again in the wife-carrying world championship on Saturday, as Margo Uusorg sprinted home to win the Baltic country's eighth straight title in the offbeat competition.

Forty couples from 10 countries gathered in the remote Finnish village of Sonkajarvi to complete a 253.5-meter-long obstacle course. A man must carry a woman, not necessarily his spouse, through a pool and across hurdles.

The few rules require a minimum weight of 49 kg (108 lb) for the "wife" and state that all contestants must have fun.

Uusorg, 25, completed the course in 59 seconds with friend Egle Soll, 23, clinging to his back in the trademark "Estonian Carry" -- hanging upside down with her legs clenched around his neck.

Uusorg's prizes were his partner's weight in beer and a high-tech mobile phone.

It was his fourth victory, and the third in a row for his family. Brother Madis won in 2004.

Uusorg and Soll received first prize from the hands of visiting U.S. basketball legend Dennis Rodman, who declined to compete, saying he lacked both a wife and proper training.

Some 9,000 people came to view the event, set deep in forests and lakes a couple of hours' drive from the Arctic Circle. It began in 1992 as a purely Finnish contest based on local legend, according to which wife-stealing was once commonplace in the region.

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Margo actually came in second but the first place team was disqualified when it was discovered they weren’t having fun.

Because it was his 4th win, it was decided that next year Margo must compete wearing a dress. Margo did not object to this.

Many thought that the appearance of Dennis Rodman detracted from the seriousness of the event. Next year they plan to invite Rush Limbaugh.

One disgruntled spectator was heard to say, “Screw it! We should go back to wife-stealing.”


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