Sunday, March 13, 2005


Our country needs a two party system. Right now the Republicans are chortling at the self destruction of the Democrats. But, in the long run, that will be terrible for the country. The right will become more and more arrogant and are certain to abuse their powers.

Right now Michael Powell and his brethren on the FCC should be indicted for extortion for withholding broadcast licenses until millions of dollars were paid to them.

This is an issue the left, especially the bloggers, ought to exploit. I haven’t seen a word about it. Perhaps they are afraid of being seen to come to the defense of Howard Stern. That is foolish. Repression always starts with the most easily repressed and then it works its way to YOU! Free speech issues ALWAYS affect EVERYONE.

The Dems desperately need some adults to lead them. It will take more than one person. A group of them have to get together and decide to put the country ahead of their party. It’s not good enough just to oppose everything bush does. It’s not good enough just to hate Bush. The American people are repelled by that in greater and greater numbers.

The Dems need to focus of their positives. They need to say what they can do better than the other guy. And I don’t mean retreating from battles and surrendering sovereignty to international organizations. That won’t get them anywhere.

Most of all, the Dems need to quit being so damned emotional. It is very, very difficult to have a logical discussion with them when they are so emotional that they can’t organize their thoughts.

I have been having some email exchanges with a childhood friend. He is a scientist and the smartest guy I know. He was getting straight A’s in school while I was getting straight F’s. I doubt that he reads this blog so I send him a few select posts. When I sent him the post, CAN LIBERALS BE TRUSTED?, this was his response: (Willie was my nickname.)

From your tirades, I assume you like and approve of an administration that blatantly lies to you about WMD, missiles, poison gas, nuclear threats and commits billions and a burgeoning debt, costs thousands of deaths and ruins tens of thousands of lives with unforgettable wounds for an alleged threat that never existed, all because some bad guy tried to take out dad and your friends can make money. Willie, I thought you were smarter than that.

Here was my response:

I would love to have a political dialogue with you. I respect you immensely so perhaps you can make me see the error of my ways. But you weren't off to a good start. Your response seemed like that of a knee jerk liberal.

1. You changed the subject. Think of being undercover in Cuba and somewhere up the chain of command is Michael Moore or the equivalent.

2. You listed DNC talking points. They work good on bumper stickers but do not contribute to conversation.

3. You questioned my intelligence ("I thought you were smarter than that"). Liberals always do that. If someone can't see your point of view, they must not be too bright. Bush is dumb. Reagon (sic) was dumb.

If you look at my profile on my blog,, you'll see that I worked in the Johnson campaign in 1964. One of my rants is titled RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOULD GO TO JAIL. One coming up compares Ashcroft to the Taliban.

See! Fair and balanced. If you disagree with something, leave a comment.

Hope you guys had a sweet Christmas and have a great year ahead.

Then, after I nudged him to reply, along came this:

Sorry I don't reply as often as you desire, but I don't have time to live in front of a PC screen Life's too short to be wasting that kind of time, and I have other things I would rather do. Since I as an individual cannot really have any influence on anything that happens here or in the world, all I can do is bitch a bit when I see or feel something is stupid. However, those in power don't really care what people like me think or feel and they will continue to do whatever helps line their and their friends pockets. Greed has not been outlawed. Unfortunately, that was something that wasn't taught us in Portola or Bal. And most of us were too stupid to learn on our own and never able to achieve any position of power to exercise our own version of greed.
But I still feel this administration is a long term disaster for the USA. I am sorry for our grandchildren. Personally, I won't feel the consequences with at most 10 years left on this planet. But life here 25-50 years from now is incomprehensible to me now. I just hope the kids can manage. A class society with the greatest gap between classes is rapidly developing, possible to become as bad as that which we had read about in history classes, even in junior high. With blue collar jobs disappearing into China and the only things for young people to get into are jobs at minimum pay of $6.50 an hour, I have no hope for their future.

So enjoy your retirement in Southeast Asia. Forget the woes of the world. Love your wife as long as the pecker stays up, and hope she still loves you when it no longer stays up.

I’m no psychologist but I suspected something on the order of clinical depression. I was afraid I was pushing him over the edge so it was time to stop pushing. From then on I sent him only stuff that might cheer him up. He hasn’t responded since. I hope he’s okay.

But those are the views of a very bright liberal. If you look at the left-blogs, he is not far from their mainstream. They need to organize all that intellect and energy.

Where are the adults?


Blogger Das said...

Walter most of my friends are smarter, more successful, richer than I am and most of them express themselves just like your pal. Lots of woe is me isn't Bush stupid and evil. What gets me is how they can take 9/11 in stride, as though it wasn't an attack on our civilization but some kind of tragedy. I hear in your friend's comments the usual easy vehemence towards what is near at hand and silence for our attackers. I am not a raging Republican but I am dull enough to know when we have been attacked and that our relationship to middle east despotism had to change. I still consider myself a Democrat but I agree with you where are the adults.

March 14, 2005 at 12:30 PM  

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