Monday, March 07, 2005


They have a dish here in Bangkok called “American Fried Rice.” It is on just about every menu that I am able to read. All restaurants that I have gone to have an English translation of their menu (sometimes only one), and I almost always find that item.

What is it? There is a bed of ordinary fried rice surrounded by a slice of ham, a pork sausage, and a fried chicken leg and topped with a fried egg. These ingredients do not vary.

Where does it come from? It would be interesting to know but I have no idea. It is a dish that I have seen nowhere else in the world.

Here are some more menu and food observations:

A nearby restaurant called “13 Coins” has a dish called “Steak Sinatra.” The steak is larger than its regular steak and is cooked with several varieties of vegetables and served covered with a thick gravy and with a side of French fries.

The menu at a restaurant in a massage parlor lists a hamburger sandwich for 150 Baht (about US $3.50). It also list a filet mignon for 150 Baht. Tough choice. (The steak was pretty good.)

I tried a hamburger sandwich once. I couldn’t finish it. It had an unusual taste. From spices I think. Yes they do have McDonald’s here (not near as many as in Singapore) but I haven’t tried them yet. I also spotted a couple of Burger King’s and some KFC’s.

UPDATE: The Pizza Store here has a seafood pizza which is delicious. Toppings include shrimp, imitation crab and clams. The rolled up outer crust is stuffed with imitation crab. This is one The Jungle Princess can eat. She is Buddhist and has dietary restrictions. We get that pizza delivered at least once a week.


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