Thursday, March 03, 2005


The Jungle Princess and I go out at night about once a week to a massage parlor. Not for a massage. In fact, the girls who work in them would be very surprised if you went there only for a massage.

No, we go for dinner and entertainment and to shoot pool, and to let me ogle the beautiful women. There are six of these “massage parlors” that we frequent. All are within a short cab ride of our house. There are dozens of others in that range but we only frequent six. These six all have decent restaurants. Some have live entertainment. Some have pool tables. All have beautiful women.

About me looking at other women. The Jungle Princess and I have discussed it and have come to a very mature agreement. It is okay for me to look, but if I go any farther, she will cut my dick off. You see where mature negotiations can get you? Is she serious? I don’t know. But she likes to put live crawdads by the hundreds into our aquarium and then watch our fish hunt them down. I’m not going to take any chances.

In the “massage parlors” the young masseuses flirt with me professionally. The young waitresses flirt with me innocently. The young masseuses are far more beautiful. The young waitresses are far more sexy. They are all openly envious of The Jungle Princess. It is great for my ego. It is great for her ego. (I should mention that we very seldom see another westerner in our area of Bangkok.)

The Jungle Princess likes to play pool. She plays poorly. I haven’t played much in over 50 years (holy crap, that’s half a century!). When I did play I was no better than average with no hope of getting any better.

The last time we played I got into THE ZONE. I made three of the greatest shots that I have ever seen made anywhere! Bystanders (there are always bystanders) cheered and clapped. All three shots involved banking the cue ball before it could hit the object ball. They started thinking I was some kind of professional. Then when I missed simple, nearly straight in shots, they thought I was just taking it easy on the girl. Wrong. I was trying my best. I’m just a lousy player who made three miraculous shots in one set.

Why am I telling you all this? I felt like it.


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