Monday, March 07, 2005


When I started this thing I had ideas for maybe six pieces and wondered what I’d do after that. Problem solved. I’ve gotten this far and now have a backlog of ten more pieces. And then things come along like this and the previous essay, AMERICAN FRIED RICE, that weren’t in the schedule that I manage to squeeze in.

My favorite place to write is at the Grand Hotel which is not far from our house. The Jungle Princess and I are members of their pool, spa and exercise facility. While she swims in the pool and steams in the sauna, I write. I write longhand which I sometimes do even when alongside my computer. The longhand process is somehow easier for me. Alongside the pool at the Grand, I can usually finish an essay in one sitting.

Before I was most productive when I was writing for a known audience, like a writing class. Here, there is hardly any audience that I know of. And still I am quite content to write and post, write and post, write and post. Who knows, maybe someday someone will read this crap.

UPDATE: I saw on the internet that I am being plagiarized. How do I feel about that? I would rather be credited, but I am glad that someone is reading this crap. I would rather be read and stolen from than not be read at all.


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