Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Giuiland Sgrena is, in case you haven’t followed it, the Italian reporter who was recently released by her captors in Iraq.

Call me a cynic but it has occurred to me that she couldn’t have done more harm to our coalition in Iraq if she had planned it.

Here are some facts:

She is a reporter on a Communist Italian newspaper.

She and her newspaper have been against our mission in Iraq since forever.

She had been warned, emphatically, not to go there because it was dangerous.

She went anyway but not to mingle among the 3000 Italian soldiers who are part of our coalition.

She instead went to a place in the country where she was in harm’s way and was without adequate protection.

Surprise! She was “kidnapped” by the assassins.

Surprise! She is not one of the many beheaded by the assassins.

She is “released” after, reportedly, a ransom of 6 million dollars is paid, which would amount to a donation to the assassins, which her paper might have gladly made anyway if they knew where to send the money.

While speeding off to freedom her car is fired upon when it, reportedly, fails to slow at an American checkpoint. An Italian is killed.

In her interviews and writings since then she has told several conflicting accounts of the latter incident.

Her only consistent position is that the assassins are good (those are the guys who “kidnapped her and threatened her life”), and the Americans are bad (those are the guys who are fighting the guys who “kidnapped her and threatened her life“).

So what is the net result when a pro-assassin, communist reporter visits Iraq against the advice of her country?

The assassins are, reportedly, 6 million dollars richer.

The Italian Prime Minister, a loyal American ally while his people are not, is besieged by many, including his Foreign Minister. There is some danger that the entire 3,000 man Italian contingent in Iraq might be withdrawn.

As a bonus, the Italian secret service man who was killed at the road block might have been anti-assassin.

Wow! What a trip!


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