Sunday, January 23, 2005


I wake in the morning beside this Thai Jungle Girl.

I go to sleep at night beside this beautiful Thai Jungle Princess.

She serves me constantly during the day despite my protestations. Sometimes I can beat her to a beer or some ice but usually she anticipates. I have ordered her to hire a maid but she ignores me.

The salary of a Burmese maid is 3000 Baht or $75 a month plus room and board. We have maid quarters downstairs so there is no problem, but still she ignores me.

I keep asking myself what have I done to deserve this? A few months ago I was dog meat in America. Singles dances, internet singles, senior singles, I struck out everywhere. And now I have a beautiful Thai Jungle Princess.

So what happened?

The other side of the coin.

She introduces me to friends and relatives and they all treat me as if I were a celebrity. Her female friends are openly envious. Many have asked me to find someone like me for them! Like me!! Has the world turned upside down? These are some beautiful ladies! Thank goodness I am experienced enough (read old) to maintain my humility. A lesser human might go wild in Bangkok. It’s interesting that all her friends and relatives speak better English than my Jungle Princess. (She love it when I call her that.) In fact every cab driver I have encountered in Bangkok speaks better English than her. Neither of us is a linguist, cunning or otherwise. The drivers get perplexed when we ask them to interpret, not realizing that we cannot talk to each other.

I digress.

So what happened?

Bangkok happened. It is like another world and I have been welcomed as a friendly visitor from a foreign planet. Thank goodness my maturity and humility prevent me from proclaiming myself king.


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