Wednesday, December 08, 2004


How? By reporting them. When Americans attack, one way or another, the first thing reporters want to know is how many civilians were killed. The assassins, of course, know that. So they ALWAYS provide the reporters with dead civilians, preferably women and children because they know those are the reporters preference.

The media can say they are only reporting the news.

Okay. That brings up another point. Why are women and children casualties generally NOT reported when the assassins attack, one way or another? I'll tell you why. The media doesn't want to show the assassins in a bad light. That might sway opinion in the US more in favor of the war. The American media's objectives are pretty close to those of the Arab media.

And why is that? Because over 90% of the news personell in Iraq are liberals. A liberal reporter is the easiest person in the world to dupe. He goes into his investigation already knowing what he is going to report. He will search ONLY for evidence to support what he has already concluded which is, AMERICA BAD, BUSH BAD, WAR BAD. That is the universal liberal chant. It is a product of their unique group-think.


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