Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I hope they put Rush Limbaugh in jail. He deserves it. Not for those pissyant things they're accusing him of down in Florida. Who gives a medium sized crap if he takes drugs or doctor searches or launders money or blah, blah, blah? None of that harms anyone except him and he's not pressing charges against himself, the last I heard.

He should go to jail for a crime against humanity for which he will never be charged. During the 2000 Republican primary campaign he allowed people to come on his program and intimate that John McCain collaberated with the North Vietnamese while he was imprisoned there for 5 years. Limbaugh never offered a word in protest. All he said was, "He said it, not me." This from a lardass who spent the whole war on his aforementioned lardass.

Well he shouldn't get away with it. To me, John McCain was the greatest hero to come out of that war and one of the bravest Americans who ever lived. Of course his politics are sometimes whacky. How many people excel in one thing and expose themselves as complete whackos when it comes to politics? That's not the point.

The point is we should do some American justice on Mr. Lardass. How many times have we convicted a criminal of something he might have done because we knew he had done other things we couldn't get him on? Well that's what we should do here. Put him in jail for that crap in Florida, even though it stinks, because we know he did that other stuff. And that would be fair.

But I would only want him to be jailed if he were able to continue his regular radio program from jail. To silence him would be another crime against humanity.


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