Friday, December 03, 2004


You need a passport but no visa. You get a 30 day visa when you deplane at the bangkok airport. There is a fine (I think 20 dollars a day) for overstaying that visa. You can get a 30 day extension by taking a ten hour bus ride to the Cambodian border and back. That costs 50 dollars for everything including a meal. It is advertised in both English language newspapers.

No drugs. Minimum penalty for drugs is 25 years!!! And they mean 25. No 10 to 25 and you're out in 5. The penalty for dealing is death!! And good luck on your appeal. I would guess there is still a drug industry here but I have no knowledge of it.

Make your hotel reservation on the internet before arrival. When they say 70% discount they're not kidding. There are hundreds of quality hotels here, all featuring a buffet breakfast. Some priced as low as 20 dollars a day. There are thousands of other hotels even cheaper. Some with a monthly rate of 200 dollars.

So what's the attraction here? Let me put it this way: don't bring a woman unless she's into threesomes. That would be like bringing a ham sandwich to a banquet.

I have been around... a lot... and I have never seen any to compare with Thai women. I was here two days when I decided to live here.

More later...

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