Sunday, June 10, 2007


I’m sorry but these are the facts that make a Democrat victory in ’08 necessary:

America must be united to fight a worldwide war against Muslim terror.

Democrats, for the most part, and for their own reasons, will not support Republican leadership in that war.

Republicans, for the most part, would support Democrat leadership in the war.

So to get unity, a Democrat must be elected.

In my opinion, the election of a Democrat would result in a disaster. But this is going to be a long war, so it is best to get the disasters out of the way quickly. Mollify the far left by getting one of their own elected with an agenda of conciliation and rhetoric. Let the left, with their one world philosophy and utopian dreams (“It Takes a Village”) take the reins. Let them deconstruct the counter-terrorism structure, such as it is, let loose everyone from Guantanamo, and let freedom rein.

Is there someone on earth who would not view this as a great victory for the Muslim extremists? Okay, that is not a fair question. Gallup and the other pollsters would never couch it in those terms. But certainly those Muslim extremeists would view it as a great victory. And then would come the next offensive. And then will come the next disaster for America. It will put 911 to shame.

But that disaster is inevitable because the left in America will not, for one reason or another, recognize we are at war. Because of that, the disaster is necessary. It is the only way to unite Americans in the war, and America can only win if it is united.


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