Friday, May 11, 2007


Yeah, Google has improved Blogspot. They improved it so much I and thousands of other bloggers couldn’t get on it. They bragged about how many languages they’ve added to the system. That’s great, but they also turned my English language blog into a Thai language blog. Everything except what I put in there is now in Thai.

I am not the sharpest pencil in the drawer. When it comes to computers and the internet, I am a maroon. It has taken me weeks to figure it out. When I tried to go to their “help” departments there was no place to tell them about “wrong language.” They had a comment type blog that I’m sure they never read. Everything on there was about the “wrong language.” An English language blog in Germany was now in German. A guy from China wrote that everything was now in Chinese.

Just to add to it, when I try to comment on another blog all that is also in Thai. My comment is always erased.

Wouldn’t you think they would give us some way to choose what language we want to use? If that option is on the page I can’t read it because it’s in Thai.

All I ask is please Google, please, no more improvements.


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