Friday, May 11, 2007


I was going to write something positive because I have been so negative recently. Then I realized I wasn’t finished being pissed off. At what? Hell, I don’t know. Do I need a reason?

It pisses me off every time Seattle wins a game because that guy, Bavasi, runs their team. Even when he does something right it pisses me off because he’s screwing up my reasons for being pissed off.

I love it when Adrian Beltre goes 0 for 4 because of that phony big season he had in his walk year.

I love it when Shea Hillenbrand goes hitless because of the two ships he sank last year and what a loser he is and he’s getting 6 mil this year.

Every time Pedro Feliz comes up with two runners on base I’m afraid he will hit a homer and they will keep him in the lineup another month because of it. This is a guy who will hit 24 homers, knock in 80 runs and make 500 outs in a season. Then someone says he’s a great fielder. They say that just to piss me off.

That brings me to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (Isn’t it ironic that just when blacks are getting over that profiling for being black, they are getting profiled for having A-rab names?) I tried to never miss the beginning of a Laker game just to watch the players stand on the court and disrespect the national anthem. I’m sure they had good reason. They were probably only making 10 mil that year when they deserved 12 mil. What a lousy country to do that to a man.

I never watched a Laker game, just the opening. (In fact I never watched a pro basketball game since. The NBA is the only sport that allows open disrespect of the country. But I guess that’s my problem.)

Then I heard that Kareem was getting these terrible migraine headaches. See, who says prayers don’t work?

Now Kareem is disappointed he can’t get a job in the sport. No one wants him as a coach or an analyst. That’s just more proof of what a lousy country it is.


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