Tuesday, May 22, 2007


(PICTURE; Just a pretty Thai lady who has nothing to do with the story below.)

I wrote a year ago, in the archives from July 2006, about the “flat ass syndrome” and how it seemed more prevalent among women living in colder latitudes. That is something that is rare in Thailand, but the other day I spotted a lady with a flat ass on a Sky Train platform. I asked her if I could take her picture.

“Why,” she asked, not displeased.

“Well,” I explained, “it’s your flat ass. That is so rare in Thailand, I wanted to capture it on film. You are unique.”

Well sir, you’d have thought I’d insulted her or something. I thought she was going to hit me with her purse. What’s the matter with people nowadays?

(NOTE: The above is meant to be humor. The only part that is true is I did see a lady with a flat ass. The rest took place in my head. But the fact is that flat asses are extremely rare among Thai ladies. Yes, I do check them out. On the other hand, they wear clothing so tight that Stevie Wonder would notice their bulgy buns. And why not? It looks good so why not show it off?)


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