Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The wackiness continues, (slightly modified).

Today, March 1 here, The Bangkok Post had this header on a 3rd page report:

“Doctors urge PM to seek psychiatric help.”

Now that’s funny. You tell me that’s not funny.

But the front page and the editorials were moderate. The letters to the editor were slanted anti-government but weren’t foaming at the mouth as before.

In the business section they replied to my remarks about the stability here with a front page, above the fold article titled:

“Economy to suffer little political effect.”

As if to underline this, the Thai currency strengthened a little.

I think they are beginning to understand the danger involved in undermining the government, which is exactly what they have been doing.

Some have been calling for intervention by the king. His word carries great weight here. When he speaks, everyone listens.

Despite demonstrations, Prime Minister Thaksin is a probable winner in the election.

The opposition has announced a boycott so they can then proclaim he has won illegally. That will allow them to continue their call for him to resign.

It seems their only hope is an end to democracy.

My hope is for stability and peace.

But I don’t count.


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