Monday, May 02, 2005


There are advantages.

I was going to open this bit by saying The Jungle Princess has no enemies. But, in thinking about it, I guess she has. There are several younger, very pretty, English speaking friends of hers who have lobbied to come live with us since we have plenty of room. I never saw any of them again. Maybe I should call the police.

Then there was her older sister. Her sister and her two sons visited and stayed a week. When I heard she was leaving I told TJP it was all right if they stayed longer.

“No,” she said. I love my sister but she must go now.”

I deduced that it was more of a decision of TJP.

Those exceptions being made, TJP has no enemies. In our neighborhood, she has made friends with everyone.

There are some things that go without saying about Bangkok so, of course, I shall say them.

The tourist trade is very important.

There are clubs and bars everywhere, seemingly, rivaled only by 7-11 stores.

In our neighborhood there are probably many people connected directly or indirectly with all of that.

Many people in our neighborhood are Buddhist.

Buddhist drink little or no alcohol.

There seems to be an occasional bottle that falls between the cracks and into their hands.

They have little use for them so they give them to their good friend, The Jungle princess.

Living in a Buddhist neighborhood.

There are advantages.


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