Thursday, April 28, 2005


Roger Simon has an interesting thread started on political conversions and the loneliness of the center. I tried to comment on his blog but as usual was blocked by a registration procedure.
Those things are self-defeating.

Anyway this is the comment I tried to post there:

I was raised as a wide eyed liberal in San Francisco. I registered as a Republican so I could vote twice (primary and main election) against the three ‘N’s, being Nixon Knowland and Knight.
I describe in ‘Confessions…’ on my blog how I saw that, for liberals, being politically correct was more important than truth or logic or common sense. That began my gradual conversion.

Then Rush Limbaugh ‘expelled’ me from the Republican party years ago for saying (chuckle) drug use shouldn’t be a felony. (Ah… Let me bathe in the irony. Ahh) The right wing despises moderates more than they despise liberals.

The Libertarian party is no place to go. They have been taken over by anarchists. Monte Python would call them ‘The Silly Party.’

Most third parties do more harm than good. They usually help to elect the wrong side.

I predict, the right will become more and more arrogant. They will try to foist their “morals” on us. The repressions have already begun. The public will tire of that and vote them out.

Before that can happen the left needs to find some adults to lead them. I see none on the horizon.


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