Saturday, April 30, 2005


This one will never happen. Honest research into the causes of homosexuality? Oh boy! Get out the swoon sofas. The last thing the homosexual community wants and the liberal community will permit, is honest research in that area.

First, let me establish my credentials. I sang for three years in light opera in San Francisco. I studied voice for more than four years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. For a brief time I taught dancing at the Dale Dance Studio. All of which is to say I moved in “creative” circles.

I avoid the cliché of saying whom some of my best friends were. I attended many “gay” parties. They were the best. And my girlfriend, who sang soprano, was always welcome there. She was “one of us” although she was usually the only girl there.

I had the opportunity to observe the ‘subjects’ in their natural habitat, behaving naturally. Perhaps I had a more open access than any researcher could have had. If you give me credit for some observational skills and some judgment, then perhaps this essay is of some value.

The gene scene:

‘Inherited in the genes’ should be easily proved or debunked. Limiting this to males, check out the siblings of gays. I never knew a gay who had a gay brother. If research should prove that to be true, wouldn’t that eliminate the possibility of inheriting a gay gene? If research shows an unusual occurrence of gay siblings then case over. It’s inherited in the genes. Let’s get the research started. Right. What are the odds?

That would only cover inherited genes not accidental such as cause other birth abnormalities. That research is ongoing.

But while the gene research is going on, how about looking into social and environmental causes?

Here is where the resistance will come up. Why? Because so many fear the results of such research. They will fight with all their power to prevent the research in the first place and to
discredit the results if the research continues. So many have invested everything into the theory, without proof, that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, acquired at birth.

So what would happen if research should prove otherwise?

Wouldn’t that be a great boon to humanity?

It would mean, if the causes were social and environmental, that homosexuality could be cured! Hurrah! Rockets going off--- Starbursts--- People cheering--- Bands playing--- A sure Nobel Prize--- A tremendous sociological breakthrough!

Not so fast white man.

You’ve forgotten about the swoon sofas. Just the mention of honest social research will send liberals to their swoon sofas all across America. In newsrooms, in Hollywood studios, in universities, the people on the swoon sofas will be piled ten deep.

Liberals have become so welded to political correctness that they will do almost anything to prevent research that might upset their view of the way things ought to be. And liberals have almost all the megaphones. Their public relations power is enormous. Their power is such that anyone even thinking of undertaking such research would be ostracized and defiled.

The reason for this reaction is known by all who are acquainted with the gay community and lifestyle. It is the elephant in the living room. The mothers of my gay friends were the most horrible, needy, smothering creatures I have ever known. If I had to live around them for very long, I would probably puke too at the thought of contact with another woman.

And they were omnipresent. Many of my gay friends lived with their mothers. Others lived in the same buildings or very near. Fathers were universally absent.

There is the area of research that will solve the ‘mystery.’ A psychological profile of thousands of mothers of gay men. And compare the results to profiles of mothers of straight men.

Right there, I guarantee you, the case will be closed.


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