Saturday, April 23, 2005


Here’s a hypothetical: Someone doesn’t like the opinions you express in the comments section of a blog. That someone complains to one or all of the blocking or filtering gizmos (excuse the technical jargon), causing all of your future comments to be blocked on the entire internet (or wherever they have blocking gizmos).

I pose this because I have been blocked and I can’t think why.

It’s of no great importance to me. I post comments at most 6 times a month and average 4 or 5. I’ve posted perhaps 30 comments in total, all within the last 6 months. Every time I do I think I should have made that posting on my blog. So now I will.

But I cannot think why I should be blocked. I have never used profanity. Once or twice, when I began, I put my URL address in the body of the comment. I didn’t know then and don’t know now if that is an offence.

In my comments I’m sure I have offended almost everyone. That was my intent when I began this crap.

I have called Kerry a traitor.

I have trashed Limbaugh for bashing McCain.

I have trashed McCain for bashing Rumsfeld.

So it has occurred to me that perhaps there is a political reason that I have been blocked. I’m not paranoid at all and I don’t give a healthy you know what. But if that is true, there is a serious, serious problem on the internet. Either the blocking system has become fatally flawed or someone has found a way to corrupt it.

I challenge anyone to find a blockable offence in any of my comment postings. When I first started I used the pseudonym ‘Vietnam Vic.’ Since than I have used my own name: Walter Guest.

This is probably much ado about nothing. All easily explained.

But if it’s not, it’s explosive!


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