Friday, April 08, 2005


What the hell do I care? They never printed my letters anyway. But it is curious that now they won’t even accept delivery of my e-mails. It’s typical of that type of paper that they don’t want to hear from people who disagree with them. Just as they distort facts to conform with their world view. Disagreement or truth gives them the vapors and sends them to their swoon couches. I understand there’s a big demand for swoon couches nowadays. It may have something to with the Bush policies succeeding when so many had invested so much in their failing.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have referred to a certain part of their anatomy as worthless. If so I humbly withdraw that remark. Their asses couldn’t be completely worthless.

Here is the last e-mail they accepted so this is probably what caused me being banned. This was sent Feb. 3. I had sent no others until the one posted below this, which was rejected. (UBC is the Bangkok cable provider.)

Have one of you crack reporters noticed that the TV schedule you publish is largely wrong? Have one of you crack reporters noticed that UBC has quit broadcasting a large number of its channels? Maybe you could do a public service by finding out what is happening and letting your readers know, or is that too much like doing your job?

Now what’s wrong with that? I twice referred to them as ‘crack reporters.’ That is certainly not derogatory. I pointed out things in their paper and in the city that had gone awry that perhaps they hadn’t noticed. I pointed out how they could perform a public service. Now what’s wrong with that?

I hardly read that paper any more. The internet easily replaces it. The Jungle Princess paid for a year’s subscription so it will keep on coming. The TV schedule is useful when it’s right.

I assume those people consider themselves to be liberals. Until recently they had various NY Times columnists in their op-ed pages 3 to 5 times a week with no balancing opinions.

I understand where the people who run the op-ed pages in The Bangkok Post are coming from. They are fed anti-American propaganda daily by CNN International. The NY Times is also anti-American and will remain so until they are back in power. CNNI plays to the international hate America crowd. Also figuring into this is the very peaceful Buddhist culture that predominates in Thailand.

So the poor naïve people at The Bangkok Post take their guidance from tremendously flawed news sources. They don’t realize that the very assassins they support would gladly slit their throats without a second thought.

It's ironic that the first e-mail of mine that the Post blocked complimented them on printing some balanced op-ed columns.


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