Wednesday, January 19, 2005


(Banzai: A reckless, desperate attack.)

It’s only just begun.

The next chapter will be played out in the courts.

Prediction: Someone goes to jail.

Prediction: CBS is nailed for 100 million dollars plus.

I can sympathize with the Thornburgh-Boccardi investigators. I can picture them at the end of each days testimony, staring at each other, mouths agape, and saying the lawyerese equivalent for, “Holy shit!” Those poor Ivy League lawyers came in expecting to have a quick look resulting in a slap on the wrist to CBS for carelessness. What they found were crimes and misdemeanors that could spell the end of CBS.

What to do? CBS, after all, was their client. They decided to walk a tight rope. They investigated the memos only far enough that they could still say they might be real. One more step and they couldn’t have said that. (They probably took that step and more but left that out of their report.)

They left a lot out on the “political bias” charge also. Memos and emails were redacted. Many were not produced. Some interviews were ignored. They produced only enough so they could maintain their deniability. Even so, they produced enough evidence that only a fool or a lawyer would not be convinced there was political bias.

But all CBS gains from this is time. They will have to defend criminal and civil charges in court. Unless they can settle. I would advise them to settle


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