Monday, December 27, 2004


Why? He's brilliant, charming, competent, dedicated... have I left anything out? Of course they should dump him. He's better than us. He makes the rest of us stiffs look like the stiffs we are.

Seriously, this broo-ha-ha has served to point out what a bad president John McCain would make. Now, I'm a big fan of John McCain. He's a GENUINE war hero and one of the bravest men our country has ever produced. But excelling in one field does not mean you could be even competent in another. Think of all the successful people who appear to be kind of wacky when they get involved in politics.

I'm not saying John McCain is wacky. But he certainly is not being presidential when he expresses "no confidence" in a Defense Secretary of the same party at a very difficult time in a very difficult war. Is that being helpful? I don't understand how he might think he is contributing to the war on terrorism by doing that.

Saying he is not being presidential in an understatement. He is being anti-presidential. His work this week should disqualify him from consideration forever.


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