Sunday, December 26, 2004


One day the two op-ed columns in the Bangkok Post were by Paul Krugman and Frank Rich. These are two flaming, weeping, panty-wetting liberals. Krugman, being the weepier, is of course their favorite. They will occasionally print Safire but only when he's neutral (not discussing politics).

I have never seen a pro-American column or letter on their op-ed pages. In this respect they are far to the left of the LA Times or NY Times. In this respect they are far out of touch with all the people I have met in Thailand. In this respect they are basically pro-Iraqi insurgent and al-Qaida.

They are not being brave in taking this stand. Just the opposite. If they supported the US our opponents might wish to do them harm. But they know they can criticize the US in complete safety. After all, the US didn't even get mad at them when Thailand declared war on us in 1942.

So they are in a no-lose situation. If they get in trouble, they know the US will come in and save their worthless asses. In the meantime, they have made it clear that our enemy is not their enemy.

Update: On Dec. 31, 2004, a date that shall live in history, the Bangkok Post printed a column by Safire that was pro-American! That is the first thing I have ever seen on their op-ed pages, columns or letters, that was even mildly approving of The United States. And this despite the people and government here being strongly pro-American. Congratulations and thanks to the Bangkok Post.


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