Friday, August 24, 2007


This one I heard somewhere:

A priest, a rabbi and a parrot go into a bar.

The bartender says, “What is this, some kind of a joke?”

This one I made up:

The sweet young girl was asked how she got pregnant. She answered, “We were in bed and I thought we were playing spoons but he was playing forks.”
I’m not sure about this one:

Researchers in Germany are raising alarms about the newest threat to the environment: belches and flatulence from people over 70.

There are millions of people in the world over 70 and scientists say every one of them gives off an amount of methane gas equal to more than 4,600 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. That is more than twice the amount of CO2 emitted on a round-trip airplane flight from Oslo to Santiago, Chile. And, because methane is stronger than carbon dioxide, it is considered even more harmful to the environment.

The chief researcher, Hans Blizer, said they are discussing a solution to this problem.


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