Monday, August 13, 2007


This is embarrassing. A young lady gave up her seat to me today on the subway. That is a first and it tore me up in several directions. For one, as my reader knows, I am a graduate of MIT which, as we all know, is the Massachusetts Institute of Toe Dancing. Even though I haven’t performed in years, this incident pretty much told me my career was pretty much finis. It was a melancholy moment.

On another level was the moral question of whether you should check out the ass on a lady who has just given you her seat as she walks away. That one wasn’t even close. Of course I did.

The toughest one was whether to accept the seat. I hesitated for that one but finally took it. Not to accept a gift diminishes the giver. I showed my respect by taking the seat.

I hope that doesn’t happen too often. All those decisions wore me out. I needed a nap.


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