Thursday, June 21, 2007


When my American ex-wife was single and raising a little boy (not mine), she had a terrible dirty trick played on her. Her sister brought over a cute, cuddly, little puppy as a gift. She had seen it in a window and just couldn’t resist she said. Of course the little boy was hooked at first sight. Of course he made all the usual promises about taking care of it. Of course the cute little puppy grew into a large dog. They do that sometimes.

It was impossible to keep this friendly monster in her small apartment. There was no one she knew who could or would take it. Finally, she put an ad in the paper offering to give up the dog for free.

I took no part in this but was there for the final chapter. Only one person answered the ad. A sleazy looking guy came by to pick up the “free” dog. I never told her, even to this day, but I was pretty sure he only wanted the dog to eat it.

If you have no conscience, that is a trick you can play on a relative with little kids.


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